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Safran è leader mondiale nella proposizione di applicativi di Risk Management.


Risk Hub, tramite la partnesrhip di Eureka Service con Safran, fornisce un full service per l'implementazione degli applicativi di Risk Management

  • Safran Risk Manager: per la gestione del Risk Register e per una potente analisi qualitativa
  • Safran Risk: per l'analisi quantitativa dei rischi tramite analisi Monte Carlo




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Save Time, Improve Engagement, Accuracy and Project Outcome.
Up to 45% of projects are not delivered on time or on budget. What if there was a better way?
Safran Risk combines robust schedule risk with cost risk analysis (Monte Carlo analysis), so you can consider alternative delivery options and make data-led decisions to deliver project success.

Brochure: Download the Safran Risk Brochure Combining Cost and Schedule PDF | Safran

Demo: Safran Risk | Risk Analytics Solutions | United Kingdom